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[[Still in their astral, mental projection forms, Trudy and Sharon phase through the outer hull of the Grey ship and float into the vacuum of space beyond.]]
Sharon: [Beaming] Wow... we're floating in space! This is incredible! We don't even need space suits!
Trudy: [Grimly] Trust me, you don't want to try that for real...

Sharon: [Apologetically] Oops... sorry. Forgot about that. So... now what do we do?
Trudy: You need to be quiet. I need to focus on finding "Nega-Nick".

Trudy: [Concentrating] He must be awake and active. He's usually pretty good at blocking me when he is. But I'm picking up something... a trace... I might be able to follow it...

[[They begin floating away from the ship quickly.]]
Trudy: I'm going to zero in on it. I can't guarantee any flashy sci-fi warp effects or anything...
Sharon: [Smiling] Are you kidding? This is cool enough as it is!

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