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[[Trudy and Sharon explore the Physaric ship, still in their semi-transparent, mental projection forms. All around them, strange alien creatures, each controlled by a Physaric "slime mold", wander about performing various tasks.]]
Sharon: This ship is a labyrinth! Which way do we go now?
Trudy: No idea. I didn't get much time to explore last time I was on one of these, and each "ship" is a unique, living creature.

Sharon: So far, they don't seem to be noticing us.
Trudy: That's good, but don't count on that. We have to find the... what was it called...?
Sharon: The Syncytium.

Trudy: Any idea what it looks like?
Sharon: Fred said it looks like a giant, rainbow colored pool of furry slime.
That: Guess that shouldn't be too hard to notice.

[[They walk past a doorway, which Trudy passes without looking in.]]
Trudy: We'll have to go systematically, chamber by chamber. But we can't stay here too long...
[[Sharon peeks through the door and notices the Syncytium embedded in a bowl-shaped indention in the floor, surrounded by various Physarics going in and out of it.]]
Sharon: Or, ya know, we could just turn a corner and get lucky...

References: The Syncytium: (1) (2)
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