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[[Trudy and Sharon, still in their invisible mental projection forms, peer through a doorway aboard the Physaric ship. In front of them lies the Syncytium, the ship's organic control center.]]
Sharon: So that's the Syncytium...
Trudy: Apparently, and it's giving off a very unsettling vibe...

Sharon: [Looking around] Do you think it senses us?
Trudy: No idea. None of the molds or other aliens seem to have noticed.

Sharon: Either that, or they choose to ignore us, kind of like the Borg.
Trudy: That's either a "Star Trek" reference I barely get, or something Swedish.
Sharon: The former.

[[They both kneel at the edge of the Syncytium "pool".]]
Sharon: I wonder... do you think you can interact with it?
Trudy: I doubt it, based on how the other Physarics reacted in the past. And you'll forgive me if I don't want to try...

References: The Borg; Other Physarics' reaction to Trudy: (1) (2)
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