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[[Trudy and Sharon, still in their invisible mental projection forms, kneel next to the Syncytium pool on board the Physaric ship that recently attacked their Grey ship. All around them, Physarics slither back and forth, oblivious to their presence. Trudy has just admitted that she has no interest in or desire to try interacting with the Syncytium in this state.]]
Sharon: If that's the case, I doubt we're going to find anything useful here...
Trudy: Agreed. I think it's in our best interests to move on.

[[They rise to their feet and look around.]]
Trudy: I wish we could pick up some clue as to where to go next. No computer displays, maps, notes...
Sharon: [Looking off in another direction, then showing surprise] Trudy... look over there...

[[The both turn toward the opposite side of the room, where a dark shape enters the room from the shadowy corridor beyond.]]
Sharon: That looks like a suspiciously familiar silhouette, right...?
Trudy: It does indeed...

[[Our vantage point shifts. In the foreground, the familiar face of "Nega-Nick" appears. He is shirtless and not wearing his glasses, his hair is unkempt and he sports a thin but unruly beard. He seems to be looking around suspiciously.]]
Trudy: [Grimly] We just hit the jackpot.

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