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[[Trudy and Sharon, still in their mental projection forms, are shocked to discover that "Nega-Nick" is not only on a nearby Physaric ship, but that he is able to see and hear them where the Physarics apparently can't.]]
Sharon: H-he can HEAR us?
Nega-Nick: Yes, Ms. Murphy, I can hear you... or is it Mrs. Barker now? Shame I wasn't invited to the wedding...

[[The Physaric that Nega-Nick is currently holding in his hand interrupts.]]
Physaric: Master? Who are you talking to?
Nega-Nick: Not you, Sparky. That's all you need to know. Now run along and take care of that task I gave you.

[[As Nega-Nick kneels to set "Sparky" down, Trudy scowls.]]
Trudy: So you ARE giving the Physarics orders...
Nega-Nick: Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. What's it to you? I'm kind of busy, so unless you're here for another booty call...

Trudy: [Her anger increasing] What are you up to? How many of these ships do you control? How are you even still ALIVE?
Nega-Nick: [Smirking] My, YOU'RE full of questions. Pity I don't feel like answering them...

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