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[[Aboard the Physaric ship, the astral projections of Trudy and Sharon continue their awkward conversation with "Nega-Nick". The former emperor has just declared that he has no interest in answering their questions.]]
Sharon: [Scowling] Oh, please. Like we'll believe THAT. Your ego is so massive you can't HELP but gloat about your nefarious schemes...
Nega-Nick: [Giving them a mischievous smile] You'd like to think that, huh? Well, you see...

Nega-Nick: I DID the "megalomaniacal emperor" thing. I've done the "skulking about impersonating my goody two-shoes twin" thing. And you know what? I've learned a thing or two since then.

[[He kneels down to pick something up off the floor as Trudy and Sharon watch.]]
Nega-Nick: Patience is a virtue, and silence can be your ally. I don't NEED to gloat anymore, as I have far bigger ambitions than you can imagine. You dweebs no longer matter.

[[He begins absentmindedly tossing the small pebble he just picked up in his hand.]]
Nega-Nick: [Smirking] Sure, revenge is sweet and all, but that's for petty little dorks who can't see the big picture. And believe me, THIS picture is bigger than you can possibly imagine...

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