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[[Aboard the Physaric ship, the astral projections of Trudy and Sharon continue their awkward conversation with "Nega-Nick". He absentmindedly tosses a small pebble in his hand as he speaks.]]
Nega-Nick: [To Sharon] Anyhoo, Red, time for you to scram. Mom and Dad need to have a grown-up conversation for a bit.
Sharon: [Scowling] Fat chance! I'm not going anywhere!

Nega-Nick: Then think fast!
[[He hurls the pebble at the pair. Instinctively, they let go of each other's hand to dodge the projectile. Sharon raises her hands defensively.]]

[[The scene suddenly shifts back to the Grey ship. The "link" effect is gone. Sharon startles herself awake, jumping in her seat.]]
Sharon: GAH!
[[The motion and shout startles Ki, who is sitting opposite her. Meanwhile, Trudy continues to sit silently next to Sharon, her head bound, eyes closed, and brow knitted in concentration.]]

Sharon: [Scowling] I'm back? But HOW? That no-good, dirty, rotten...
Ki: [Shocked] Sharon? What happened?
[[Trudy continues to sit silently, eyes closed.]]

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