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[[The scene returns to the Grey ship. As Trudy continues to sit quietly with her head bowed, Sharon explains to Ki how she came back from from their astral trip.]]
Sharon: [Angrily] Then the little monster threw a rock at us! Naturally, I reacted on instinct. When I let go of her hand, I ended up back here.
Ki: But what about Trudy? Is she still there...?

[[They both turn to look at Trudy.]]
Sharon: I guess she is. I wonder what he was going to...
[[She pauses, just noticing that a single tear streams down Trudy's cheek.]]
Sharon: Wait... is she... CRYING?

[[Sharon stands up, placing a comforting hand on Trudy's shoulder.]]
Sharon: [Concerned] Trudy? Are you OK?
Ki: [Angrily] What happened? What did he say to you?

[[Our view focuses on Trudy. She is now crying in earnest, but her expression is that of barely contained anger.]]
Trudy: [Icily] I have to find Nick...

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