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[[The scene shifts. In one of the corridors aboard the Grey ship, Nick is walking from one unspecified destination to another. Persephone is still riding on his shoulder. At an intersection, Ki, Sharon, and Trudy intercept him.]]
Sharon: There he is! Nick, wait up!
Nick: Oh, hi, ladies. I was hoping to run into you...

Nick: Sharon, if you're looking for Fooker, he's in the--
Trudy: [Interrupting with a stern expression] Never mind that. Sharon, take Little Miss Yellow Slime Ball. Nick, you're coming with me.

Nick: [Curious] Why? What's going on?
Ki: She won't tell us.
Sharon: [Apologetically] We found "Nega-Nick" and, well, I didn't hear everything he had to say...

Trudy: [Grimly] He game me a message. I have to deliver it to you... alone.
[In the foreground, Nick seems surprised. In the background, Ki grows concerned.]

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