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[[Sharon and Ki walk down a corridor of the Grey ship with Persephone perched on Sharon's shoulder. As they approach an intersection, Fooker comes around the corner. Sharon breaks into a smile upon seeing her husband.]]
Persephone: There he is! I guess Boltzmann finally released him...
Fooker: [Cocking an eyebrow] Under duress, but yeah...

Fooker: He called Granger down to give us a clean bill of health. Planck took Fred and Socrates back to the MUTEX.
Persephone: That's a relief.

Fooker: [To Sharon and Ki] You two look like you've had a little adventure...
Ki: [Sympathetically] Sharon and Trudy have...
Sharon: [Annoyed] And you'll never guess who we ran into along the way...

Fooker: Sounds like we've got some catching up to do. If only there were some transitional mechanism we could use to do that "off-screen" so it wouldn't annoy everyone...
[[All four of them turn to look knowingly at the reader.]]

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