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[[D.C. Smythe has mysteriously appeared on the Grey ship before Fooker, Sharon, and Ki.]]
Smythe: Not sure if I should ask why you're now humans instead of animals...
Sharon: I'm surprised you even know about humans...
Smythe: Actually, it's a funny thing...

[[A small hand reaches around Smythe's arm and attempts to shove him out of the way. Valerie Smith squeezes past him with an annoyed expression on her face.]]
Valerie: D.C., you big lunkhead! You can't just stop in the middle of the doorway and block everything! And who are you talking to? Did you find the professor?

[[Valerie finally catches sight of Fooker, Sharon, and Ki. She stops short in surprise. The three humans look at her expectantly, while Smythe gives Valerie a sly smile.]]

[[Valerie gives the humans a sheepish, uncomfortable grin.]]
Valerie: Um... hi?
Smythe: You remember Valerie Smith, I assume. I think a few explanations are in order...
[[The humans exchange awkward glances.]]

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