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[[Fooker, Sharon, and Ki converse with a surprisingly calm D.C. Smythe and Valerie Smith, who have mysteriously appeared on the Grey ship with no obvious explanation. The quintet stand before a porthole to the ship's exterior. Outside, the crescent Moon looms surprisingly close.]]
Smythe: [Looking out the window] So we're all on some sort of alien space ship in lunar orbit...?
Fooker: Yup. 200,000-odd miles from where the Earth SHOULD be, but that would take a lot longer to explain.

Ki: [Cocking an eyebrow] You don't seem surprised at the idea of aliens...
Smith: [With a weary smile] Aliens, lost civilizations, trans-dimensional jesters... you could say we've had our share of strange adventures.

Sharon: [Deep in thought] That still doesn't explain how you got HERE. You HAD to have crossed some dimensional barrier to wind up in our universe.
Smythe: [Drolly] Well, normally we'd suspect the Gamester, but...

Smith: Professor Mole had just introduced us to a corgi scientist named Nicholas Wellington...
Ki: [Surprised] What? NICK?
Smythe: [With a sly smile] Ah, yes... I was just about to get to that...

References: According to Wikipedia, the average distance between the Earth and Moon is 384,402 km or 238,856 miles... when the two are actually in the same universe, that is...
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