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[[Fooker, Sharon, and Ki continue their conversation with D.C. Smythe and Valerie Smith, who have mysteriously appeared on the Grey ship out of seemingly nowhere.]]
Fooker: So you simply walked through a doorway and POOF! you're here...
Smythe: [Drolly] As odd as it sounds, yes. My first thought was to implicate the Gamester in such tomfoolery...

Smythe: However, he tends to make his presence more obvious on such occasions...
Sharon: Only Nick and Trudy have ever seen him here, but we hear he's easy to recognize.

Smith: [Gesturing toward the darkened storeroom she and Smythe seemingly walked out of] Judging from the look of that storeroom, I don't think we're going to find a quick exit anytime soon...
Fooker: Then you'd better come with us. If anyone can send you back, it's the Nickster.

[[The quintet begins moving as a group down the hall.]]
Smith: So he's an expert in understanding alternate universes?
Ki: He's as close to one as we have around here.
Fooker: The rest of us are lucky not to walk out of an airlock... except for Trudy...

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