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[[Fooker, Sharon, and Ki lead D.C. Smythe and Valerie Smith through the corridors of the Grey ship in search of Nick, in the hopes that he might be able to send the two feline secret agents back to their home universe.]]
Fooker: [To Sharon] So which way did Nick and Trudy go...?
Sharon: Down this way, I think. There are a couple storerooms they might have gone to...
[[As they proceed, Smythe and Smith notice that a curious Grey drone is peeking around the corner of the intersection behind them, watching them intently.]]

Fooker: [To Sharon and Ki, gesturing toward a door] I'll check this one. You two check that one.
Sharon: Can do...
[[Smythe and Smith glance another way to spot two more Grey drones watching them from a distance.]]

Fooker: [Off-panel] They're not in here...
Sharon: [Off-panel] Not here, either...
Ki: [Off-panel] They couldn't have gotten far...
[[Smythe and Smith continue to look around as more and more Grey drones peek around corners and through doorways to spy on them.]]

[[At this point, the Grey drones have completely come out of the woodwork. Smythe and Smith are surrounded, with curious drones slowly gathering around them. Some are even suspended from the ceiling via anti-gravity units. The two cats are obviously getting nervous. Fooker pokes his head into frame and cocks a curious, if apologetic, eyebrow.]]
Fooker: Oh, yeah... we might have a bit of explaining to do...

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