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[[Planck pushes and shoves his way through the crowd of other drones, trying to get through. Fred is perched on his shoulder.]]
Fred: What's with the hold up? Who's blocking all the traffic?
Planck: [Disgruntled] Some flargnak better not have snorgblarfed the horkvnord...

[[They get through the crowd to reach its center, whereupon they find Fooker, Ki, Sharon, D.C. Smythe, and Valerie Smith. Planck stops in his tracks.]]
Fred: I don't know about that, but I'll bet Fooker fits whatever definition of "flargnak" you use...
Planck: [Staring at the two newcomers uncertainly] Um...
Fooker: Oh, hey, Planck...

Fred: [Stretching out to get a better look at Valerie] Man, these furries... their fursuits keep getting more and more impressive...
[[Valerie glares at Fred with annoyance.]]
Sharon: Fred! Don't be rude! They're our guests!
Ki: I suppose introductions are in order...

Planck: [In a mild panic] Never mind that! We've got bigger problems!
[[Behind him, through the crowd of Greys, we see Boltzmann the warrior drone being tossed across the hall like a rag doll, impacting with the far wall while upside-down.]]

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