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[[As the others look on uncertainly, Boltzmann picks himself up off the floor, wiping at his mouth with his sleeve. Planck approaches him with Fred on his shoulder.]]
Planck: Boltzmann! Are you all right?
Boltzmann: [Scowling] I am still functional, but this intruder will not be when I am finished with it...

[[Our view flips. In the background, we see Boltzmann charge forward, back in the direction he was thrown from. In the foreground, Fooker, Sharon, and Ki exchange awkward glances.]]
Sharon: Intruder? Please don't tell me we have ANOTHER accidental stowaway...
Fooker: We might not have one for long if ol' Boltzy catches up with him...

[[We switch back to Boltzmann, who approaches the intruder, ready for battle. The intruder is none other than the Inexplicable Speck!, who assumes a defensive stance.]]
Speck: [Scowling] Look, E.T., I don't have time for fisticuffs. I just want answers, but I'll fight back if that's the only way to get them!
Ki, Sharon, Valerie Smith: [In unison and surprise] The Inexplicable Speck!

[[The girls turn toward each other and smile, while Fooker and D.C. Smythe stand behind them.]]
Valerie: Let me guess... another one of your dimension hopping adventures...
Ki: An older one, but yes, we've already met.
Smythe: [Drolly] As have we...

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