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[[A narration box reads: "One hasty intervention later..." Most of the Grey drones have dispersed. In the foreground, Ki, Sharon, D.C. Smythe, and Valerie Smith stand opposite of the Inexplicable Speck!, who seems a lot more chipper and relaxed. In the background, Fooker stands with a disgruntled Boltzmann, the warrior drone, who stands with his massive arms folded across his chest.]]
Speck: Smythe! You're a sight for sore eyes! And it's good to see you "Absolutely Incredibles" again...

[[Our focus shifts to Fooker and Boltzmann. The giant Grey scowls as he eyes the newcomers suspiciously.]]
Boltzmann: I am not comfortable with even more unauthorized aliens on board...
Fooker: Hang in there, Bolt. We'll get the Nickster to send 'em back ASAP.

[[We shift back to the main group. The Speck!'s expression turns sour and frustrated.]]
Speck: Speaking of which, you'll never guess who I ran into before mysteriously finding myself here...
Ki: [Concerned] I have a funny feeling I know who, and I'm not going to like it...

[[We shift to an apparent flashback. The Speck! is in an action pose, leaping down from some height. Before him is a mountain of a human dressed in black leather and bondage gear. Metal spikes protrude from his bald head and adorn the large pauldrons on his shoulders, and a metal arrow appears to pierce one side of his head and go out the other. He grins maniacally as he appears to hold hostage an anthropomorphic praying mantis with large eyeglasses and antennae that make a characteristic V-shape not unlike Nick's hair. The Speck! narrates...]]
Speck: I was in the middle of a battle with the Sadist, an old enemy of mine, who had just kidnapped a praying mantis scientist with a suspiciously familiar name...

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