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[[Fooker, Ki, and Sharon, along with Planck, Fred, D.C. Smythe, and Valerie Smith, listen as the Inexplicable Speck! details the events that led to his unexpected trip into the GPF universe.]]
Speck: And that's when he got the drop on me. Next think I know, I'm going face-first through a plate glass window...
Sharon: [Concerned] That sounds painful!
Fred: [Sarcastically] Didn't seem to improve his face, though...

[[A random Grey drone approaches the Speck! from behind. He is holding a few small items in his hand. Behind him is another drone, who looks back toward an observation window. Debris is scattered on the floor below the window.]]
Drone: It did appear like you passed through the observation window on this deck, but it is undamaged, and these shards appear to be silica glass, not transparent aluminum.

Valerie: So you passed through a window which, like a door, could be thought of as a type of portal.
Ki: Right after coming into contact with another of Nick's counterparts...

Fooker: Definitely sounds like a pattern is forming, and Nick-a-roo's at the center of it...
[[Sharon turns to look behind them, where she spots Nick and Trudy standing further down the hall. Trudy appears to be concerned, while Nick looks stern, like he is giving her instructions.]]
Sharon: [Smiling] There he is! And Trudy!
Ki: I hope he has a theory.

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