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[[Nick and Trudy stand at one end of the hall. Nick seems to be very sternly issuing an order to a uncertain Trudy as Fooker, Ki, and Sharon race down the hall toward them.]]
Nick: I mean it, Trudy. Not one word, especially not to--
Ki: [Interrupting] NICK!
Fooker: We have a situation, dude.

[[Fooker, Ki, and Sharon step aside to reveal D.C. Smythe and Valerie Smith. D.C. seems grim, while Valerie smiles sheepishly. Nick is obviously surprised to see them.]]

[[He turns to look on their opposite side to see the Inexplicable Speck!, who gives him a cheesy grin and a thumbs-up. Nick's expression deflates.]]

[[Trudy looks over at Nick, who now seems grimly defeated.]]
Nick: "A situation" would be an understatement...

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