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[[A narration box reads: "A trip to the MUTEX chamber later..." The group has moved to said MUTEX chamber. Pi is waving a scanner in front of Valerie Smith, who stands in front of D.C. Smythe. Nick stands opposite them, with the Inexplicable Speck! off to his side. In the background, Trudy, Ki, Fooker, and Sharon all watch uncertainly.]]
Nick: [Deep in thought] And you simply walked through the door and found yourself on this ship...
Valerie: After meeting your counterpart in our universe.

Pi: [To Valerie] Their scans are consistent with someone who recently used the MUTEX. It's the same residual radiation signature...
[[Behind them, Fooker leans over to Sharon.]]
Fooker: [Whispering] Why are we only learning about this now...?
[[Sharon seems to be just as concerned as he is.]]

Speck: [To Nick with a worried expression] But you can still send us back, right? If you guys have been hopping between universes on a regular basis, it sounds like that should be a piece of cake...

Nick: [With resignation] No... no, I can't. It's... impossible. I have no way of sending you back.
[[The three outsiders do not take this news well. Both the Speck! and Valerie seem shocked and surprised, while Smythe seems annoyed.]]

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