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[[Everyone present seems shocked and surprised by Nick's announcement that he can't send D.C. Smythe, Valerie Smith, and the Inexplicable Speck! back to their respective universes.]]
Fooker: You can't send 'em back?
Sharon: But why? The MUTEX is working perfectly!
Nick: [Grimly] No, it isn't, and that's apparently the root of the problem.

Nick: The MUTEX was never designed for a one-way trip. It's always intended to return the user to their point of origin. Any exceptions to that have been extraordinary errors.

Nick: [To Fooker and Sharon] Your visit to Smythe's universe, the "Nick-and-Trudy-verse"... heck, even the missing Earth itself... those are all anomalies, and we were lucky to have fixed two of those.

Nick: But their being here is proof enough that the MUTEX isn't working as expected. Somehow, it brought them here. Pi's radiation scan just proved that.
[[Smythe, Smith, and the Speck! all share uncomfortable glances.]]

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