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[[After Nick explains how D.C. Smythe, Valerie Smith, and the Inexplicable Speck! somehow "leaked" into the GPF universe through holes punched in the cosmic boundaries by the MUTEX, the assembled group reacts to this development.]]
Pi: [Gesturing toward Smythe and Smith] Does that mean these three won't be the only "visitors" showing up around here...?
[[Smythe and Smith give the alien a disgruntled look.]]
Sharon: [Concerned] Or worse, what if one of US "leaks" into another universe, with no way back...?

Nick: [Uncertainly] I... I don't know. Until the Earth is returned and balance is restored, anything is possible. Then I might be able to restore things, but until that's fixed...
[[Trudy, Ki, Fooker, and Sharon all share uncomfortable glances.]]

Fooker: [Placing a reassuring hand on Nick's shoulder] Don't sweat it, Big N. Ya know we've got your back. I'm sure we can come up with some protocols to keep track of everyone coming and going.
[[Sharon and Ki stand beside Fooker to give Nick encouraging smiles.]]

Smythe: [To Nick] I'm not sure how much help we'll be, but you can count on us to contribute.
Speck: Yeah! Don't forget, I'm not just a superhero, I'm also a particle physicist!

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