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Nick: We'll have to establish protocols to keep track of new arrivals and... well, potential departures. Planck, we'll need regular scans of the entire ship.
Planck: Um, OK...

Fooker: Better make sure we scan the perimeter around the ship, just in case someone accidentally misses their mark.
Ki: That would be... unpleasant.
[[Trudy cringes.]]

Nick: I hate the idea of doing routine roll calls, but we'll need to make sure everyone is accounted for.
Sharon: [Concerned] That's going to go over swimmingly with the folks who refuse to help out.

Nick: [Grimly] They're still a part of this, whether they want to accept it or not. We no longer have the luxury of picking sides. We're running out of time.
[[Ki looks worriedly toward her husband.]]

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