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[[The group is coming to terms with the fact that D.C. Smythe, Valerie Smith, and the Inexplicable Speck! may be trapped in the "prime" GPF universe for some time, and that other arrivals--and departures--may be plausible.]]
Smith: [To Trudy] Please tell me those gray jumpsuits aren't the only thing you people have to wear...
Trudy: [Grinning] Not to worry. I know how to hook you up with some decent threads.
[[Fooker, Sharon, and Ki all give Trudy and surprised glance.]]

Speck: [To Nick] I'm fascinated to hear how this "virtual reality" machine of yours turned into a inter-dimensional transport!
Nick: Well, it's a long story...
Voice: [Off-panel] Dunk me in water and call me poached!

[[The group turns to find Alpha-Duck standing in a nearby doorway, surrounded by Grey drones.]]
Alpha-Duck: Smythe? Wellington? Speck!? What are you doing here? And where did all these little gray featherless dudes come from?!?

Plank: [To Nick] This is going to get worse before it gets better, isn't it...?
[[With everyone else watching him uncertainly, Nick's expression turns to grim annoyance.]]

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