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[[Nick and Ki return to their quarters aboard the Grey ship. Both look exhausted. Ki is absentmindedly rubbing her pregnant stomach.]]
Nick: This day has been a roller coaster, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Ki: I can't tell who's more exhausted, you or me.

Nick: [Looking sympathetic] Aw, sweetheart, I'm sorry. I've been so caught up with alien attacks and unexpected arrivals, we've barely had time to talk.
Ki: [Giving him a weary smile while stroking his cheek] It's OK. Those are good excuses.

Nick: What can I do to make it up to you? Are you hungry? Do you need me to get you anything?
Ki: [Still smiling] If you REALLY want to make it up to me, a foot rub would work wonders.

[[Ki sits back into a reclining chair while Nick kneels down to start taking off her boots.]]
Nick: For you, I'll have the Greys clone you extra feet so I can rub them all.
Ki: [Her smile disappearing] That's completely unnecessary... and just a tad bit creepy...

References: "Alien attacks": (1) (2); "Unexpected arrivals"
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