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[[After a rough and tiring day, Nick gives Ki a relaxing foot rub. She leans her head back and seems to be enjoying it immensely.]]
Nick: How's that? Is this helping any?
Ki: [With a satisfied smile] Sooo much! I had no idea my feet were this sore! Pregnancy can be a real pain in the... well, everything...

[[Ki sits up and turns somber. A concerned look crosses her face.]]
Ki: Um... since we're alone, and it's just going to be us for a while...
Nick: [Turning grim] You want to know about the message "Nega-Nick" sent via Trudy.
Ki: You know you can tell me anything...

[[Nick's expression softens. He begins to look worried.]]
Nick: Not this. Not... yet. It's... I-I hate keeping anything from you, and under normal circumstances I never would, but this... I think... it's in everyone's best interests...

Ki: [Darkly] And the fact that Trudy knows...?
Nick: [Defensively] She was just the conduit. That message was intended for me, and now she has to bear the guilt of knowing about it as well...

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