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[[Ki tries to ply Nick into revealing "Nega-Nick's" mysterious message to him, but Nick steadfastly refuses...]]
Ki: [Confused] "Bear the guilt of knowing"? How off Earth could it be that bad?
Nick: [Worried] It's bad, Ki. Horrible. Terrible. Unforgivable. And it will be all my fault.

Ki: [Surprised] Your fault?
Nick: It will be my decision. I'll make the call. It'll seem like the best choice at the time--the ONLY choice--but it'll be wrong. And I'll be the one who'll make it.

Ki: [Testily] You're talking about a choice you'll make in the future? That future isn't written yet, and I'm sure "Nega-Nick" doesn't have a crystal ball on that ship.

Nick: [Grimly] A crystal ball, no. But who knows what else the Physarics have given him access to. Somehow, I know he's right, I'll be wrong, and everyone will suffer for it.

References: "Nega-Nick" on the Physaric ship: (1) (2)
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