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[[Nick and Ki continue their discussion about "Nega-Nick's" mysterious message. Ki takes the time to detail her thoughts to her husband.]]
Ki: You can't afford to beat yourself up over hypotheticals. God knows you torture yourself enough over making the RIGHT decisions when they have unexpected consequences.

Ki: I'm not going to lie. It hurts knowing you are keeping something from me, even if you are doing it to protect me. Don't forget the hot water Fooker was in with Sharon over Trudy.

Ki: That said, I love you, and I trust you. You wouldn't keep something from me unless you had a darn good reason. And you're a terrible liar, so I know you mean what you say.

Ki: On the other hand, "Nega-Nick" is a CHAMPION liar, and I wouldn't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Neither should you. Take his "message" with a grain of salt.

References: Fooker's rationale for not telling Sharon about Trudy's true identity; The comeuppance occurred after here, but has been largely off-screen
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