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[[Still discussing "Nega-Nick's" mysterious message, Nick responds to Ki's previous statements.]]
Nick: Thank you for trusting me, sweetheart. Believe me, once I feel it's right to share this, you're on the short list of people to hear about it first. Just... not yet.

Nick: And I'm well aware of "Nega-Nick's" duplicity. Remember that old "two halves of the same whole" line? We know how each other thinks. His lies are mine, just better told.

Nick: I also know that receiving this message through a "Trudy filter" masks any extra clues to his intentions. It just... feels correct. It feels true. I... I can't explain it.

Nick: Believe me, we're far from the only ones who will suffer if he's right. Which is why I have to find out HOW he learned this. Then I'll know whether to trust it or not.

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