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[[Nick and Ki continue their discussion about "Nega-Nick's" mysterious message to Nick...]]
Ki: Well, if you can't tell me what he said, do you have any clues on how he found out?
Nick: Not really. Logically, it doesn't make sense. I'm going with my gut.

Ki: [Playfully poking Nick in the stomach] Your gut could go without dessert cubes for a couple months...
Nick: [Slightly annoyed] Ki, I'm serious. As irrational as it sounds, I believe his message more on instinct than anything else.

Nick: [Defeated] Trouble is, the last time I acted on instinct, I lost a planet and dumped us into this mess in the first place...
Ki: I trust your instincts. You were right then. Everyone will see.

Nick: [Leaning down to gently put his head on Ki's pregnant stomach] Then why do I feel like everyone believes in me except for myself...?
Ki: [Smiling as she runs her fingers through his hair] Because mirrors reflect everything, including your own lack of confidence. The rest of us see the real you.

References: Food cubes
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