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[[Our scene shifts. Fooker and Sharon are leading D.C. Smythe and Valerie Smith down a corridor aboard the Grey ship. Both Smith and Smythe have changed clothes and are now wearing Grey-provided outfits. Smythe wears the standard gray jumpsuit, while Smith wears one of Trudy's alternate designs.]]
Smith: [To Sharon and Fooker, surprised] So when you said Nick "lost" the Earth, you mean he LITERALLY lost the entire planet?
Sharon: [With an awkward smile] More like "misplaced". We know it's out there, just not exactly where it is.

Smythe: Given the circumstances, it was a bold risk that technically paid off. He DID prevent a double alien invasion...
Smith: [Unconvinced] I think it only "pays off" if he's able to cash in that Big Blue Chip.

Sharon: [Hopefully] Well, that Gamester fellow seems to think Nick can bring it back.
Smythe: Perhaps. I am loathe to admit he has insights into matters the rest of us can never fathom.

Fooker: Ya know, every description of that Gamester guy I've heard sounds vaguely familiar...
Smith: [Smiling] Trust me, he's not someone you'd quickly forget...
Smythe: [Drolly] Unless forced to...

References: "Misplaced"; Fooker's brief encounter with the Gamester which he promptly forgot. (Note: Those last two links are currently only accessible via the main website, not the mobile site.)
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