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[[Fooker, Sharon, D.C. Smythe, and Valerie Smith enter the MUTEX chamber, where they find the Inexplicable Speck! and Alpha-Duck talking to Pi. Both anthropomorphic superhero have changed out of their costumes and into the standard Grey-provided jumpsuits. The Speck! flits from one piece of equipment to the next in a state of childlike awe.]]
Speck: And this? The little flashy thing? What does it do.
Pi: [Annoyed] That's the electrostatic hyperphasic quasitron regulator. And I SAID don't touch it.

Alpha-Duck: [Scrutinizing] I gotta say, Dermis, I'm plucked bald here. Chemistry's my thing. All I see here are Christmas lights.
Speck: [Giddy] Me, I'm like the proverbial tick in the dog kennel!

Speck: Nick's some sort of hyper-dimensional genius! I mean, I could make an educated guess on half of this equipment, but the rest of it is like some sort of sci-fi dream come true!
[[Alpha-Duck gives him a sideways, uncertain glance.]]

Pi: Truth be told, we can barely make sense of this junk, and yet it somehow works...
Speck: [Shoving Alpha-Duck aside in absentminded excitement] Wait, did you say "quasitron"? A new particle I haven't heard of? Tell me EVERYTHING!

References: Quasitrons; The Speck!'s "day jobs" are as a college professor and particle physicist; Alpha-Duck is a chemistry professor
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