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[[In the MUTEX chamber, Pi addresses the assembled group.]]
Pi: [To the visitors from other universes] Nick says it's not safe for the four of you to use the MUTEX to travel to other universes. He has no idea if it will be able to bring you back. But you CAN help out here.

Pi: [To Alpha-Duck and the Inexplicable Speck!] The scientists can help me monitor the system and make performance tweaks.
Speck: [Enthusiastically holding up a small alien device] Can I take this apart to see how it works?
Pi: [Annoyed] APPROVED performance tweaks.

Pi: [Turning to D.C. Smythe and Valerie Smith] As for you two, I understand you have experience with covert intelligence work. Our volunteers aren't very experienced in that area. They could use a few pointers.

Smythe: [Turning toward Fooker with a smirk] I thought you said YOU had worked for an intelligence agency...
Fooker: I'm formally retired these days, missing planets not withstanding.
Sharon: [Smiling] Besides, he's not the most forgiving of teachers...

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