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[[The scene shifts again. In another corridor on the Grey ship, Patty and Trish walk side-by-side toward the MUTEX chamber. Chris approaches them from an adjoining corridor.]]
Chris: Evening, ladies! Either of you heard anything new about this morning's adventures?
Patty: Not me.
Trish: M-me n-neither.

[[Chris steps up behind them and places a hand on each of their shoulders. She gives them a conspiratorial smile.]]
Chris: Well, then. Any update on that torrid love triangle I keep hearing about? Any broken hearts? Jilted lovers? Steamy threesomes?
Patty: [Flatly] Nope.
Trish: [With a nervous smile.] N-not r-really.

Trish: [Her smile broadening] D-Dex and I t-took a t-tour of the x-xenobotany lab yesterday. It was l-lovely!
Patty: [To Trish with a smile] We found a spot just outside engineering where the gravity nulls out. Dex tripped and lost his lunch.

Chris: [Annoyed and disappointed] That's it? How am I supposed to live vicariously when my friends' love lives are so boring?
Patty: [To Trish with a smile] We're having lunch on the observation deck tomorrow.
Trish: [Beaming] D-dinner f-for us!

References: "This morning's adventures": (1) (2) (3) (4); Trish and Patty's "friendly rivalry"; Chris
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