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[[Chris, Patty, and Trish continue their walk down the corridor to the MUTEX chamber. Chris is surprised that the "love triangle" between Patty, Dexter, and Trish isn't as scandalous as she expected.]]
Chris: [Disappointed] I can't believe you three are progressing so slowly... AND so peacefully...
Patty: We're all a bit rusty at this whole dating thing, Chris.
Trish: W-we're n-not interested in r-rushing things.

Patty: [Glancing apologetically toward Trish] I'm only just letting myself heal from past wounds. Trish has her own complicated history to work out.
Trish: A-and D-Dex enjoys b-being with b-both of us. It's a w-win-win.

Patty: [Eyeing Chris with mild suspicion] And why should you be living vicariously through us? Haven't you found someone here you're interested in?
Chris: [With a subtle, longing smile] Well, yes... but she's into someone else at the moment.

[[They approach the MUTEX chamber entrance.]]
Chris: [Cheering up] Besides, I end up spectating more than anything else. "Always the bridesmaid" and all that...
[[Patty and Trish stop short as they realize D.C. Smythe blocks the doorway. Both of them seem rather surprised to see the towering anthropomorphic cat in front of them.]]
Smythe: [Glancing over his shoulder at them with a smile] Ah, good evening. We haven't been properly introduced...

References: Patty's "past wounds"; Trish's Wiki page (trust us, with her "complicated history", that's the best summary we have); Chris' own romantic interests: (1) (2)
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