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[[Patty, Trish, and Chris are introduced to D.C. Smythe, Valerie Smith, the Inexplicable Speck!, and Alpha-Duck off screen. The assembled group, including Fooker and Sharon, now listen as Pi announces:]]
Pi: Now that THOSE introductions are out of the way, you can observe one of our "away missions" in action. That's assuming everyone for this shift is present...

Patty: Dexter will be siting this one out, at least until his stomach settles.
Sharon: [Smiling] I'll volunteer to take his place. Then we'll have an all-girl squad for a change.

Pi: This first universe exhibits some strange parameters, but it fits all of Nick's search criteria perfectly, even with the latest updates.
Fooker: Let's hope that means we're getting close.

Smith: [To the newcomers] You seem pretty relaxed given the uncertainly of it all...
Patty: Well, so long as we don't get turned into gerbils or turtles or...
[[She pauses, realizing that she's talking to an anthropomorphic cat.]]
Patty: You know what... never mind...

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