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Alpha-Duck: So this Memorex thing sends people into an alternate universe, then yanks 'em back like a paddle ball on its string...
Pi: A crude analogy, but sufficient for this use case.

Pi: The helmets provide the entry and exit point, which is why only so many users can go at a time.
Fooker: [Holding a MUTEX helmet] They also make for a fabulously geeky fashion statement.

D.C. Smythe: How, then, shall we observe what this "away team" is doing?
Sharon: Pi or Fred usually watches from the control panel, but we can also pull up a floating video window for you.

Alpha-Duck: And how, pray tell, will you know which Earth is the "right" one...?
Patty: [Holding Nick's sensor device] In theory, this gadget will glow green when that happens. As you can guess, that hasn't happened... yet.

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