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The Inexplicable Speck!: [Enthusiastically] Nick said the MUTEX adapts the user's appearance so they'll blend in when they arrive.
Valerie Smith: [To Fooker and Sharon] So that's why you two were a porcupine and a panda when we last saw you.

Sharon: [Smiling] You should have seen the time we all got turned into wisps of gas and smoke...
Patty: [Giving Fooker an accusatory glance] Yes, the fart jokes went on for a good solid week after that one...
[[Fooker feigns a wounded look.]]

Trish: W-we've b-been very l-lucky th-that n-no one's b-been seriously h-hurt s-so far...
Fooker: Well, except for the billion Nick and Trudy clones that may or may not still exist...
[[Patty and Valerie both look concerned.]]

Speck!: [Giddy] I can barely fathom the wondrous adventures you people have been having...
Alpha-Duck: [Unimpressed] Take it from me, a superhero duck who can turn invisible: you people are WEIRD.

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