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D.C. Smythe: How long does a typical "away mission" last?
Sharon: As long as it takes to get a proper reading, which usually isn't long.
Fooker: [Nonchalantly] Mitigating circumstances not withstanding...

Valerie Smith: [Concerned] I'm afraid to ask...
Fooker: You know, random, unexpected things that get in the way. Usually nothing serious. It's not like it happens very often.

Pi: [Bluntly] To date, someone has been "stuck" on the other side 12 times. The scanner has been "lost" 36 times. Unexpected distractions have caused return delays 42 times.
[[Fooker cocks a surprised eyebrow.]]

Pi: None of this counts the 72 times someone simply wanted to "stick around a little while longer"...
Sharon: [Hanging her head in shame] I'm never going to live down that "Pouch Critters" incident, am I...?
Patty: Nope...

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