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[[Sharon materializes in a dark room. None of the rest of the "away team" are immediately visible. As she begins to look around, she thinks to herself.]]
Sharon: Yeesh... It's so dark! I can barely see! But what I CAN see looks vaguely like a typical office setting. Could be promising...

[[She holds her hand up in front of her and examines it. A confused expression crosses her face.]]
Sharon: What the... I can barely move! It's like swimming in thick, syrupy water? I wonder why. At least it looks like my hand is normal. No fur, claws, or scales...

[[She looks down at herself.]]
Sharon: Even more odd... I'm still wearing my Grey-provided jumpsuit. My clothes didn't change. That's never happened before. And everything is so quiet. What about smells...?

[[She attempts to take a deep breath.]]
Sharon: Hold on... I can't smell. I can't... breathe... [She begins to panic.] I CAN'T BREATHE!

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