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[[Still in the dark and apparently alone, Sharon's panic begins to subside.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] No, wait... I CAN breathe... but it's like... thick, syrupy water again. Just have to breathe calmly... slowly... don't panic...

[[She reaches down to her hip and very slowly draws out a flashlight.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] I'll just turn on a flashlight and look around. Good thing we started carrying these after visiting that Earth that was in perpetual darkness...
[[She clicks the button on the flashlight and, very slowly, it begins to make a sound.]]

[[Sharon continues to look around, waiting for the flashlight to kick on. The bulb slowly begins to light up as the sound continues...]]

[[Sharon watches in disbelief as the beam of light very slowing stretches across the room. The sounds continues...]]
Sharon: [Thinking] OK, now THAT'S not something you see every day...

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