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[[Sharon waves the flashlight back and forth. As she does, the beam of light it emits sluggishly follows, bending the light as if it has trouble keeping up.]]
Sharon: [Surprised, thinking] Even weirder! The light beam seems to move more slowly than the flashlight! How is that even possible?

[[She looks around the room.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] It looks like we got separated again. No immediate sign of the others. That hasn't happened since the "Ultra Cyber Power Warriors" Earth.

[[She begins awkwardly walking toward the exit of the room.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] Ugh... walking anywhere is going to be a pain! What in the world could be making it so hard to move?
[[She accidentally brushes a cup full of pens and pencils, knocking it over.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] Oops...

[[Sharon leans in to look more closely. The cup she knocked over remains suspended in midair, the pens and pencils still in mid tumble.]]
Sharon: [Cocking a curious eyebrow, thinking] OK, NOW I'm starting to see what's going on...

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