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[[Sharon gently grasps a "frozen" pen from the tumbling cup suspended in midair. The cup and remaining utensils remain undisturbed.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] If I had to guess, I'd almost say everything here is frozen in time. Either that, or it's moving so slowly that it LOOKS like time is standing still.

[[She opens her hand and the pen becomes frozen again, suspended in midair.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] I can grab this pen and hold it, and as long as I move it, it moves with me. But the instant I let go, it's like it freezes again, trapped in its own little time bubble.

Sharon: [Thinking] No, I'M the one in a time bubble, a pocket of time I must have brought with me. And it's so hard to move and breathe here because the air around me is frozen too.

Sharon: [Thinking] Now I shudder to think how long this time bubble will last. How long can I move around freely before I "freeze" just like everything else...?

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