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[[Sharon exits the door to the room she landed in and walks out into the hallway. It, too, is dark with no signs of life.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] I've got to find the others. I've got the return remote if we need to make a hasty exit, and I'd rather know the other girls are together and safe before I use it.

[[She looks down the hall, where Patty, Trish, and Chris slowly round the corner and approach her. They seem to be struggling to move through the time-locked air.]]
Sharon: [Smiling and thinking] Whew! There they are! And everyone is accounted for! Although it looks like they're struggling to move here just as much as I am...

Sharon: [Thinking] Better catch up on what they've discovered...
[[She slowly raises her hand and attempts to speak.]]
Sharon: [Out loud, but slowly] HHHHEEEEYYYY...

[[She grabs her throat and cringes at the sound she just made.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] OK, THAT'S not going to work...
[[Patty gives her a sympathetic look.]]
Patty: [Thinking] Yeah, we just found that out ourselves a minute ago...

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