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[[Sharon scrutinizes the wall plaque that bears both Patty and Trish's names.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] OK, let's not get our hopes up. We've had enough "near misses" before to know we can't jump to conclusions. Still, seeing our names is a positive sign...

[[Trish holds up a sheet of paper. There is stationary letterhead at the top.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] Dwayne's GPF stationary. The font, the address... again, a step in the right direction, but still not definitive.

[[Sharon pantomimes a small rectangular box.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] What about the scanner? What does it say? It's given us "close calls" before, but it's never given us a solid green answer...

[[Patty pulls out the scanner and holds it up. The indicator light is lit, but it pulses back and forth between red and green.]]
Sharon: [Thinking, surprised] It's... flashing? OK, It's never done THAT before...

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