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[[The "away team" of Sharon, Patty, Trish, and Chris continue through the dark halls of the suspicious building that looks a lot like the GPF office. Sharon is engrossed in studying Nick's scanner.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] The scanner is flashing between red and green. But... why? What does that even mean...?
[[As they pass an open doorway, Trish looks through and is startled by what she sees. She tugs at Sharon's sleeve.]]

[[The women stop and look through the door. On the other side is a action-packed diorama, frozen in time. In one corner is an unfamiliar man, lying prone but trying to get up, with one hand on the back of his neck as if rubbing it. In the opposite corner is an unfamiliar woman, apparently backing away from the action in the center. Two Physarics appear to be leaping into the air. In the center of the panel is none other than Dwayne, dressed in a dress shirt, slacks, and a tie. He wields a chair over his head like a club, as if preparing to aim at the two Physarics. Several other items are scattered about as if knocked over, frozen in midair.]]

[[Our focus returns to the "away team". Sharon, Trish, and Patty are all shocked, while Chris appears somewhat confused.]]
Sharon: [Thinking] GPF... Physarics... Dwayne... We... we found it. We found our Earth.

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