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[[Nick and Ki are fast asleep in their bed, cuddled up together. As they peacefully rest in the dark, several voices appear to be in heated discussion somewhere else...]]
Voice 1: Where's Nick? Has anyone seen him?
Voice 2: He and Ki went back to their room. They both looked exhausted.

[[Nick and Ki continue to sleep.]]
Voice 3: Well, we've got to get him. This is too important.
Voice 4: They're probably asleep by now. We should really let them rest.

[[Nick and Ki continue to sleep.]]
Voice 5: Look, it's been "lost" for months now, right? It's not like it's going anywhere. Leave 'em alone. This ain't nothing that can't wait 'til morning.

[[The door to Nick and Ki's room suddenly opens, flooding the dark room with light. Planck stands in the doorway in a panic.]]
Planck: [Shouting] WE'VE FOUND IT!
[[The commotion startles the two sleepers awake.]]

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