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[[Nick and Ki have thrown on bathrobes and moved to the MUTEX chamber, where a small crowd has gathered. D.C. Smythe, Valerie Smith, Trish, Patty, Chris, Sharon, Fooker, Alpha-Duck, and the Inexplicable Speck! gather around as Nick and Pi stand by the MUTEX controls.]]
Nick: [Concentrating] Have you initiated the verification protocols?
Pi: Just started them. So far, all diagnostics have returned normal.

Trish: I c-can't b-believe we f-found it! A-and it d-didn't take a l-life time!
Patty: We can't jump to conclusions yet. Remember, the scanner was flashing red AND green.

Nick: [Scrutinizing the scanner] It was... flashing? And you're SURE it was those two colors?
Sharon: Plain as day.
Pi: Diagnostic on the scanner shows all functions normal.

Sharon: But what does that mean? It's never flashed before...
Nick: [Uncertain] I... don't know. I've never tried to identify a misplaced planet in another universe before...

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