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D.C. Smythe: Who is this "Duncan"?
Sharon: Dwayne Duncan. Technically, he's our boss back on Earth.
Fooker: Back when we were slingin' code, before all this alternate universe hanky-panky.

Valerie Smith: And these "Physarics"?
Patty: Little blobby aliens. You've met Fred.
Sharon: [Apologetically] He's the one who insulted you by calling you a "furry" when you first met.

Ki: Earth was kind of in the middle of an alien invasion when we "lost" it. Nick had just used an ultrasonic device minutes before to make the Physarics let go of their "puppets".

Sharon: Dwayne must have been meeting with some potential clients when it happened, unaware they were "infected".
Patty: Either that, or they were looking to "infect" him...

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