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[[Fooker steps in front of the group.]]
Fooker: [To Alpha-Duck, gesturing toward the MUTEX helmets in the background] You're probably right on that one. I don't think anyone here is gonna let Nick get anywhere near those helmets 'cept to fix a broken one.

Fooker: But that's just 'cause he's the only one who can wrap his noggin around this whole multiverse tangle. We lose his noodle, we ain't got a chance of getting Earth back.

Fooker: But that doesn't mean the rest of us ain't ready to do what it takes. I know I don't want Sharon takin' any risks, but I also know she'll knee my groin if I stand in her way.
[[Sharon gives her husband a slightly confused yet appreciative smile. Patty cocks a quizzical eyebrow.]]

Fooker: [With conviction] So we're gonna do whatever we have to get that planet back. Ain't no one here gonna take any unnecessary risks, but we'll take all the necessary ones we have to.
[[The others seem inspired by his speech.]]

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